Rent a Car in Bulgaria

BULGARIACARRENT.COM offers wide range of rent-a-car vehicles and transport services in Bulgaria and abroad. It is part of the Danish tour operator Penguin Travel, with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Russia and Mongolia. Using the 28 years experience in tourism Penguin Travel can organize your accommodation, property purchase, ski services or active holiday in Bulgaria.

What do your benefit when choosing BULGARIACARRENT.COM?


Before and after every rent and additionally three times per year our vehicles are safety tested – seat belts, alarm, tires, first aid equipment, fire extinguishers, suspension, seats, airbags, anti blocking wheel systems. Also an authorized by law technical test made with specialized machines created for one purpose only – to test a vehicle safety levels.


As established market share company Bulgaria Car Rent will never afford to hide a charge from you, to refuse a reasoned refund when we have failed to compel to our safety and quality offerings, during your rent we will be 24 hours 7 days a week available for you thus you can trust us with full ground support during your rent. We want to be your first friend in Bulgaria. As everywhere in the world there are ridiculously cheap car hire deals in Bulgaria as well, sometimes you may find them able to book even trough your own country travel markets – you must always be at bay for old amortized vehicles provided by suppliers which will not even pick up the phone when their car brakes or in the worst scenario possible scam you.


We in Bulgaria Car Rent believe that you considered as an actual or even potential customer are the heart of our business and must be serviced with care and willingness to satisfy all your needs. Our fleet is consisted with vehicles not older than 2010 maintained with high level of care in order for us to be able to minimize any nuisance you may feel from being far from home.